Are you looking for optimized web content that is as interesting to people as it is to search engines?

You’re in the right place.

What if you could boost sales and turn casual curiosity into immediate interest just by improving the content on your website and marketing materials?

It’s easy to do when you work with an experienced writer who really understands the difference between writing for people and writing for a search algorithm – and who can seamlessly blend the two styles together to create content that will not only help people find you online, but also get them excited about your brand and products.

Marissa is a talented writer who possesses the ability to paint a picture with words while still being detailed and focused enough to hit deadlines and fill the content gaps we need. She also is a very easy-to-deal-with personality and is fun to work with. I highly recommend Marissa and her work!

Mike Lee

In the short time that i’ve gotten to know Marissa I’ve come to realize she is commanding, focused, dedicated to excellence and represents what’s missing in a lot of writing, integrity and color to her point of view. She has the ability to excite and enthuse as well as encourage and does it all with a cheeky sense of humor i find enlightening and refreshing.

Dani Allen, Senior Recruiting Manager
The RoomPlace

Marissa was great to work with and even better to communicate with. She understood what was needed and was prepared to accept the many changes and suggestions that we added along the way with no complaints. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her so far!

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