Content Writing is My Passion!

“Content” is an industry jargon term that refers to any of the writing that is done for your business. It can be a fluffy blog post, an in-depth article, product description, or any other type of writing.

Everything you read on this site is content.

Your content is important to your brand and should be as unique as your logo. Together we’ll develop a content strategy that will create a seamless flow through all of your marketing efforts to give you a recognizable public voice.

Did you know that you shouldn’t use the same content writing style for print and web?

People read the internet differently than they read a physical page. If you want maximum results, all of your content should be written specifically for your intended audience.

Lost Scribe Ink provides custom writing services for both print and web marketing. Download my Writing Samples Portfolio here, or learn more below with this list of frequently requested projects:

Custom Writing for the Web

  • Website Content – Each page of your website should have a clear message and be optimized for search.
  • Articles  – Perfect for when you need well researched, evergreen content.
  • Blog Posts – Keep your website fresh with interesting blog posts that are seasonally appropriate.
  • Product Descriptions – Great descriptions will attract customers and sell your products for you.

Custom Writing for Print

  • Media Kit/Press Kit – Introduce your company to the press and potential investors in style.
  • Flyer – Perfect for advertising an upcoming sale or event.
  • Brochure – A brochure will make your information more accessible to potential clients.
  • Newsletter – Keep your customers informed and increase sales with a regular newsletter.

Look to Lost Scribe Ink for all your content writing and content management needs. Contact me today to get your project started!