Frequently Asked Questions

What custom content services do you provide?

My three main service categories are:

  • Content Writing – I can evaluate and write any type of content. Whether you need short social media posts, regular blog content, a single article, or an entire website written, I can deliver.
  • WordPress – Includes building, re-designing and providing maintenance for WordPress websites.
  • Content Analysis – Includes branding consultations and website content audits.

Can I order one piece to be written or do I need to order multiple items?

No project is too big or too small, and there are no limits on the number of projects you can request.

What details should I include when I contact you?

To provide the most accurate estimate possible, I recommend that you include the following information in your proposal request:

  • Information about your business (a website URL will be fine).
  • Information about your target audience.
  • The project details –
    • Size
    • Timeline
    • Subject
    • Any other important details, requests and requirements.

What should I expect when I contact you?

Once you submit your proposal request, I will look over the information you have provided and create a proposal. The proposal will include my recommendations, an estimated timeline, and the cost of the project.

Do you offer discounts for long term projects?

Absolutely! I appreciate clients that send me steady work and am all about rewarding loyalty. My steady contract clients enjoy significant discounts and a certain amount of preferential treatment.

Do you offer discounted services to non-profit charities?

Yes! Since I believe we all have to do our part, there is an automatic 10% discount available for non-profit charity groups.

Do you code new themes for WordPress?

No. I am a WordPress Designer only, which means I use existing elements (themes, plugins, content, etc.) to build websites with a custom look and feel. I buy themes for the sites I build from established WordPress Developers, and can work directly with Developers on request.

Is it possible have a custom website without creating (coding) new themes?

Absolutely! Much like an interior decorator will use pre-made tiles, fabrics and paints to create brand new looks, a WordPress Designer can use all existing elements in a fresh new way to create a completely new look and feel.

What do you charge for edits and changes?

Client satisfaction is my highest priority. I am always happy to make reasonable edits and changes to suit your needs as part of my basic service. Extra charges will only apply when the scope of the project changes or a full rewrite is desired. In either of these cases, you will be notified of additional charges before the work is completed.

How much do you charge for content writing or WordPress web services?

There are a lot of factors to consider when figuring the costs of a project. The scope and size of the project, the subject matter, and the amount of research needed are all taken into account. Though I try to keep my prices low and be as transparent as possible, I don’t want to risk making promises I can’t keep when it comes to project costs. The only way to find out exactly what your project will cost is to contact me and request a quote.

How do I pay for my custom writing?

All payments are processed through Paypal.

For one time projects: Half of the project price must be paid before work begins. The other half will be due after the work is completed.

For long term contract projects: Payment agreements and schedules will be set during the proposal phase and contract negotiations.

Do you offer any other specials or discounts?

It is not unheard of for me to offer a small discount for cross promotional arrangements, such as including a link to my site from yours, or giving me full authorship of the content I write for you.

Do you have more questions? Contact me and I will be happy to answer them.